Monday, April 5, 2010

Groupon = Failure

I've definitely HAVE to get better about this blogging thing.. lol! To catch you all up.. I'm now a working Esthy... and I love it so much. I'm in the process of building a steady clientele which requires much networking. I'm aware that this will take some time so I'm patient. I've met a few clients that I absolutely adore and some that I would not care to see again. LOL! Our spa sold over 450+ "groupons." Are any of you familiar with this site? Anywho, I've been busy b/c of it but on the other hand, most of these people are TACKY as all hell!!! They aren't regular spa goers, they just simply took advantage of an awesome deal. An $80 facial for $37, given by a licensed, skilled professional.... you can't beat it. I've had people lie to me, say that they've left their groupon at home and that they would bring it back, only they never return. I've had someone BOLDY steal a product that I recommended for her as she was changing. Oh and this is the kicker... the Groupon cost $37 as I stated before and Groupon states "Groupon customers are the BEST tippers"... ummmm FAIL!!!! The thief I mentioned tipped me $6!!! And I had another "Daisy" tip me $5 while saying "I'm assume we can do this?".. LMBO!!! Please tip your servers... that's all I'm going to say about that. But anyway, aside from the few bad seeds, I've met some great individuals and I'm truly blessed to be able to do something I love. Paying your dues sucks.. BUT it's a must :) I'm keeping this short.. Until next time... Xoxo

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  1. LOL So true! People who get it cheap, are cheap! I have people who come in with a gift certificate and don't tip at all. Sucks. By the way, I don't see you following my blog! LOL