Sunday, April 11, 2010

Melt Proof Makeup

Hi I'm Chandra, and I have oily skin...... and I absolutely HATE wearing makeup in the heat. First off, I'm a "hair" person.. I love hair.. BIG hair and everyone knows a lot of hair creates it's own furnace so to add makeup into that equation equals a massive FAIL!... Although I do have great skin *pops collar*, my skin tone isn't as even as I'd like it to be (I'm working on it.) So going without makeup isn't an option for me. I needed to find a method that won't have me looking like a grease monkey...I'm in a southern state now too which means humidity... Oh no ma'am, I'm far too fabulous to be laid out on the side of the road dead from a heat stroke all b/c I have way too much hair and makeup on. But no longer will I have to choose between hair and makeup when going out in the heat. Here are a few tips I picked up from the GORGEOUS Miss Mally Roncal in addition to a couple of my own. They are tried and true so I hope they can help some of you.

#1. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin, apply a primer to your skin. This will help to set your makeup.

#2. Use a powder foundation. You will still be able to achieve coverage if you buff it into your skin AND it will help you control the shine. (If you have oily skin like myself, apply a mattifier (see my previous post) to your skin BEFORE applying your moisturizer and primer.)

#3. Apply a waterproof eyeliner to your eyelids & set with eyeshadow to prevent any smudging or "running."

#4. Use a waterproof mascara to avoid smudging.

#6. Set with a finishing spray. A finishing spray will hold everything together & prevent "melting."

#6. Apply lipgloss and go! I prefer less stickier versions of lipgloss in the heat. Ain't nothing worse than having the wind blow and your hair getting stuck in your gloss.. lol! I LOVE MAC's Lip Gelee

Any questions or want product recommendations? Holla at'cha gurl!



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