Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's About Time....

Hey loves!! I'm finally here in blogger world.. I've been wanting to do this for quite sometime, but I never could find the time to sit down and create one. I'm glad I'm here and I'm so excited to share my journey with everybody.. I'm a newly licensed Esthetician and an aspiring Makeup Artist that has relocated to a new city and state. I'm starting over from "scratch" and I'm taking you guys on this roller coaster ride with me. It might be cliche to say, but I've always had a keen liking for skin care and makeup. As a child I can remember watching my mother's nightly regimen of cleaning her skin and putting on her night cream before bed. I also remember her daily love affair with red lipstick (she still wears it everyday) that lead me to pursue a career in skin and makeup. Stay tuned as I embark on getting acclimated in a new city, meeting new people and turning my dream of becoming a spa/boutique owner and owner of my very own skin care/ makeup line into a gorgeous reality....



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  1. I'm expecting amazing things from you Chandra! I am excited to hear all about your adventures through your blog! Love it! Muah!!!